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Migrating to a new place is always a big challenge for one’s and his family’s life. This undoubtedly has a significant impact, for that recruiting a best immigration consultants is must to work on the application, who understand the importance of one’s dream  and values his emotions and giving hurdle free services in handling all types of applications. AD IMMIGRATION SERVICES is best team in Chandigarh, India, working together to gives wings to your dreams and make your visa process hurdle free.  

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This visa allows family members to get PR or  citizenship of a country to stay, work, and study. 

      This visa is related to the individual and  their family member to get the right to live in particular country permanently  

This is related to an individual to remain in a particular country for specific time period, under some conditions

We Provides Immigration Services/ Consultation to these Countries


~Tourist visa

~Spouse visa

~Family permanent visa 

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Tourist visa

~Canada tourist visa

~Australia tourist visa

~New Zealand tourist visa 

~Europe tourist visa


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