In today's world, the craze of tourism is rise and people love to visit new places. there are some most visited countries in the world which give you a soothing and dreamy experience.

When we talk about the best tourist places or can be said destinations, what came first in your mind of course International trip. Why not to get a healthy experience in life, travel to foreign countries is the best option. There are many best places to visit in summer seasons.     

1. Italy

Italy is the best place to visit in summer vacation, it is a famous tourist place. There are beautiful as well as colorful buildings, and the main attraction is the beautiful beaches. Summer season is the best season to visit Italy to spend your vacations. the peak time is May and June to visit Italy. Italy is the fifth most visited tourist place. The most visited places are the Trevi Fountain,  Leaning Tower of Pisa,  Colosseum,  Rome, and many  more places.


Canada is the most visited country in the world. It is also a good option to enjoy your vacations with the beauty, Canada’s famous attractions are Monuments, Wildlife, Cuisine, etc. Canada’s most visited places are Niagara Falls, Montreal, Victoria, Quebec City, Banff National Park, and many more. Canada is most interesting country it welcomes even aliens they build a landing pad for UFO ships in 1967 at St. Paul, Alberta.

3. United Kingdom (UK

The United Kingdom is the largest visited tourist destination. Tourism in the UK is the major industry and contributes to its economy. People love to go there and enjoy the beauty of the country. It is the favorite place of tourists. The most visited places are the Tower of London, The British Museum, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, and many more.  

These are some places that are mostly visited as the desired destination. There are many more countries that are famous for their tourism. So to enjoy this vacation apply for a tourist visa now, we provide you best experience of your journey, Link to AD immigration services.



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